Our Objectives

Accumulating Wealth

  • Understand your financial goals
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance and current investments
  • Design a plan of action to maximize your contributions and their results
  • Monitor the results of your investments and make adjustments as necessary

Preserving Wealth

  • Adjust for changes in your risk tolerance
  • Work with tax professionals to minimize tax implications
  • Create a risk mitigation program to guard against potential downfalls to your estate (ex: Long Term Care)

Converting Wealth to Income

  • Design an income distribution model
  • Manage inflation & tax consequences encountered over your lifetime

Transferring Wealth

  • Work with elder law professionals and accountants to create an estate plan that ensures that your wills, trusts and investments are properly structured
  • Monitor legislative changes and update the plan as needed
  • Educate and prepare your heirs to responsibly receive their inheritance and continue your legacy